Wildside Wine

About us

About us:

about-usCarol grew up in Kansas City, and graduated from University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She came out to the Northwest as an adventure because I love the outdoors. When Roz and Carol married, they built (hammered the nails) their home on the Key Peninsula where they raised their daughters. Carol taught elementary school in Bremerton, while Roz taught at Curtis High School — both have Their masters in teaching. Having their summers off allowed them to go on adventures every year.

Although they loved their home in the woods, they longed for a sense of community. Carol and Roz became involved with the Tacoma Wheelmen Bicycle Club, and this brought them closer to life in Tacoma. They moved to Tacoma in 2005.

The transition to Tacoma was also the impetus for other transitions in their lives. With two successful careers in teaching, they were ready for a new adventure.

appetizer-buffetWith very minimal business experience (Carol, a home day care; Roz, a Home Contractor for a few summers), Carol had a new whim to open a wine shop.  Why wine?  She has always enjoyed trying new things including tasting wine and food wherever she has gone, but wine is an adventure unto itself.

Carol began studying wine much more intentionally, taking classes, reading, and tasting. She found a very affordable spot in the Tacoma Musical Playhouse building, “Just off 6th”, she calls it the “Tacoma Underground.” You have to know it is there. Roz is the builder, and we worked together to transform our cozy spot.

Our Mission:

Our “mission” at Wildside Wine is to take people on adventures with us as we continue to explore the world of wine. Wine is an ever changing commodity. The knowledge is infinite as the industry continues to grow and change. Every vintage is new. Wine is a cultural phenomenon for people all over the world. Wine is history, science, geography, and art. Wine is an integral part of many people’s lives in different ways: some social, some religious, some sensual and intellectual.

Wildside Wine has become a community gathering spot where people stop by to discuss the day, run into old friends and make new ones. Wildside Wine is a tiny shop with sophistication and a neighborhood welcome.

Our Slogan:

“Stop by for a taste of the Wildside”

Wildside Events:

  • Wine tasting during all open hours
  • Wine and beer by the glass; small plate appetizers
  • Wine Dinners
  • Private parties at our location or yours
  • Fundraising parties for non-profit organizations